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Jim Hastings, Owner & Founder of Treasures of the Earth, is from Kirtland, New Mexico.  He has successfully owned & operated Hastings Sandblasting & Painting for the past 20.  Jim has always loved going up in the mountains to do many things, like hunting, gold prospecting, fishing, and trapping.  He is a jack of all trades and has been blessed to be able to persue another dream of expanding his love for silversmithing and gemstones.  Every piece of jewlery, cutlery, artwork, geodes in our store has been hand selected by Jim Hastings himself, and we have a HUGE inventory, so that's saying something!   He takes pride in making sure his customers get the absolute best quality turquoise, silver, gemstones, geodes and then brings them to you for unbeatable prices! Jim is married to Connie and has 2 daughters.